Relaxing & Sailing 

Day 6

Today we went sailing!!! This was a new experience for me! I’ve never been on a sail boat before, this was a cool experience! We stopped to snorkle for a little bit. Here in this area I saw 2 Caribbean spiny lobsters, and a peacock flounder! The flounder was so awesome to see! I haven’t gotten a good look at one till today! They are beautiful! We also fire coral today, Dr. C pointed it out to all of us. Which is pretty neat because we didn’t talk about it a lot in class. We sailed for a little and then we stopped at a private island called Pine Cay. Pine Cay is owned by only 33 people! The beaches are public but the rest of the island is not. This area was beautiful, the water was so blue here. It was breath taking. The weather was fantastic, it was a great spot to be at on such a lovely day. We searched for sand dollars and I was lucky enough to find two of them! The Sail boat was relaxing. I definitely enjoyed my self today, along with the sun and the breathtaking views. It was a very good day. I am so thankful to be apart of this trip! 

Here are some pictures of today!

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