May 15th

Day 7

Today was my off day of diving. So myself, Will, Jaime, and Melissa got to explore the island today with Dr.Strong. We went to blue hills today, which is how the island really is without all the beatitful hotels. This depressing to see.  We got to see Clement Howell High School. Dr. Strong was telling us that the school use to have a barb wire fence and now it has a regular chain link fence. All the children that go there wear uniforms, and we were passing by as they were all gathering for morning meeting outside. We also saw the soccer and track fields. It was just a flat sand lot that had some rock embedded in it…..which really isn’t safe to play soccer on if the kids fall. We also saw Long Bay High School, this school looked fairly new and like it was in pretty good condition. We also drove by a lot of car washes that were on sand lots…which doesn’t make much sense to do! We also saw Jubba Sound. Which was beautiful. I got a nice picture of it! While we were diving around the island. We saw a lot of the islands vegetation, which was nice to see because it wasn’t just all palm trees. Along our trip we saw a lot of trash on the side of the road. Which was sort of shocking to me. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to throw trash out in the right areas..but it’s obvious a lot of people just throw it on the side of the road. Which is devastating because this island is beautiful. I noticed that there were campaign signs to keep the island clean..because tourist like it clean which is also sad. I’m sure a lot of this island depends on the tourism industry, for an income- but keeping your island clean betters the planet and reduces pollution. In addition to our exploration we also went shopping and saw the pot cakes! I got a fewT-shirts  for the family, that’s all I got for gifts. Going to see the pot cakes was pretty awesome. They are all so cute and playful, they just want all the love. We also got to meet Dr. Strong’s newest addition!! It was a good afternoon, I was very pleased with today. When we got back to the hotel a few of us went snorkeling in Coral Gardens. We saw 3 different sea turtles this time around, which was very cool. We saw a HUGE Queen trigger fish, they are gorgeous. Today I also saw a donkey dung sea cucumber, it was a lot bigger than I imagine they would be. Tonight for dinner we are going to Somewhere which is the restaurant at the hotel. Tomorrow I have my last dive session! This trip is coming to an end quickly and it is sad. We have been so spoiled on this trip. We were blessed with beautiful weather, and great experiences all week.

Here are s me pictures I took today!

This is a picture of Jubba Sound

A picture of one of the pot cakes !

Dr. Strong and his new lucky lady!

A picture of all the islands with Salt Cay located on the bottom right on the sidewalk

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