The Last Dive 

Day 8

Today was my last day of diving here in the Turks and Caicos. 

We had a two dive day today. Dive one happened at tons of sponge!! We dived here earlier this week when we were getting certified. On this dive my max depth was a whooping 78 feet!!! This dive so so special and so magnificent. We saw lots of reef sharks today near the wall! It appeared to be a mom and baby too. We also saw an eagle ray! The wing span of this eagle ray had to of been 10 feet. It was incredible! They just glide through the water, like they own it. The shark and the eagle ray were passing by each other a lot. It was such a sight to see. We also saw a gray angle fish today!! We saw a lot of lobsters today, many of them were paired together. On this dive we also encounters a channel clinging crab! It was a pretty big one too. One this dive we also saw a lion fish. This is the first one I have seen since I’ve been here. Although they are an invasive species, they are beautiful fish. The water makes nothing else’s matter. It’s just you and the wonderful nature around you. Tons of Sponge is a great location, but it’s special because you can only dive here when the current is coming in. 

The second dive happened at Pickering’s place. It is called this because Pickering was one of the first divers here in the Turks and Caicos. My max depth on this dive was 73 feet. When we were getting briefed, it was said that this area wasn’t going to be as special as the last dive, but we would still see some pretty good stuff. The instructions popped the question of what do you want to see. I automatically thought…I want to see a seahorse. They both said aahhhh okay, they are very rare to see here so you probably won’t see one. I just said okay, put on my gear and got into the water. After descending, our instructor was pointing out a gorgonian coral. We all swam over to it..low and behold there was a seahorse with its tail wrapped around the coral, I was bursting with joy. We saw a seahorse even though minutes ago I was told we more likely than not wouldn’t see one. I loved seeing the seahorse. I was so excited and Alizee was excited for me that I got see one. I think everyone was thrilled to see one. In this location we saw a shark too. We also saw a sand tile fish, circling in the sandy substrate. This was a great behavior to see. 

This whole diving experience has been crazy. I am so great full and feel so blessed to be able to have this chance to dive. I love being underwater. The feeling is amazing and it’s so great to do be able to do this. I am definitely interested in diving more and learning more about different diving techniques.I can totally find myself becoming a dive instructor. It’s a great thing to be able to do. The undersea life is the good life! 

It’s a great day to be an owl!! Hooty hoo!!

Here are some pictures from today!

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