Day 9

Today is day 9 ( May 17th) although we depart tomorrow, today was our last day to actually have fun on the island. We were suppose to go kayaking in the mangroves today but it got cancelled because of the weather. I was excited to do this too, so it mad me sad when it got cancelled. Instead we went snorkeling at Smith’s reef. We saw a lot of the fish we have been seeing the last  9 days, but today we got introduced to a Dusky Damsel fish! That was pretty neat. This one Dusky damsel in particular was showing an interesting behavior. It was hanging out around one coral head and it was chasing off every fish that came near the coral. Even if it was a bigger fish. This fish was showing great territorial behavior. Dr. C pointed out that it is probably doing this because there may be eggs that she is protecting. Today we also saw a lot of baby fish, so this part of Smith’s reef is a great nursery ground. We hung out for most of the afternoon, and went to dinner at a restaurant called Mango Reef. This restaurant was lovely!! It was very elegant, the food was awesome, and it was a great place to be for our last dinner on the island.  After dinner when we were at the room it was a great bonding experience. We were all laughing, joking and just simply enjoying each other presence. It was a great day today. I am very sad to say that this trip is coming to an end. The island was beautiful, and I don’t want to leave. 

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