Departure Day

May 18-day 10

Today was an emotional roller coaster. I saw some things that I didn’t want to see and I also reflected a lot on the past 10 days. I am forever grateful that I was able to attend this trip. This was such an amazing experience, and I learned a lot. Scuba diving was incredible, I never thought that I would ever get the chance to scuba dive. It was such a great experience, being underwater was incredible, and I cannot wait to take these skills and dive somewhere else with them. I think that I found a new hobby by coming on this trip. I could definitely scuba dive for the rest of my life. It was really heart warming when Alizee looked at me and said that she knows I’ll be a dive instructor one day. Made me smile that she has that confidence in me. the skills that come along with the certification challenged you, and some of them made me have some fear but as you work through them and become more confident in your abilities they become a piece of cake. Doing the skills is the most challenging part of getting the certification but it is a great feeling when you over come the fears that come with some of the skills!

Another great thing we learned was the culture on the island.  One way we did this was attending the fish fry. Here we got a good sense of commons foods on the island and we also experienced some of the island reggae and other music they listen to. We also saw the island band at the fish fry. This was also a great experience. I also got to see the “real” island, without any hotel development or anything. This was a culture shock almost. They don’t have big fancy houses or much of anything that’s “normal” to have in the states.

Today was a sad day because I was leaving a great island but also leaving a great group friends. We all bonded and became really close. There were lots of laughs and smiles shared between all of us. I am in love with the island, diving, and all the memories we shared together. This will be a trip that I won’t ever forgot. This was a great opportunity and I’m glad to be apart of it.

Check out this video from the class!

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